The Hotel Sheherazade is proud to announce its association with the Centre Français de Culture et de Cooperation and its appointment as the Luxor site for the Departement D'Enseignement de l'Arabe Contermporain's intensive Arabic courses.

The DEAC in Luxor offers training in Arabic as a Foreign Language for complete beginners and basic users (levels A1/A2 - CEFRL, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The aim of the course is to enable students to communicate naturally in spoken and written Arabic in real situations, taking into account the language’s many variations. The DEAC course seeks to reflect the linguistic reality of Egypt, aiming also to give students an introduction to Egyptian society in order to better understand the events and debates that shape the Arab world in the twenty-first century.

The syllabi for the two courses are as follows:-

 Complete beginners : no knowledge of Arabic language is required to participate in this course. It combines everyday spoken Egyptian Arabic (20 hrs : role play and daily life, acquisition and themed use of vocabulary, listening and phonology, basic grammar) and introduction to contemporary written Arabic (20 hrs : introduction to writing, “write to read” and applied grammar).

Basic users : oral language of daily life (20h.: case study and communicative activities, collection of vocabulary and thematic implementation, training of listening / phonology, grammar) and contemporary Arabic writing (20h.: print and grammar /) (see schedule).

The course fee will be 285€ or 2300EGP

For fuller details and a registration form, please visit or send an email to